• Hello all,
    I’m having issues with using the fog to auto join domain. I understand that in the username (whether its in the fog settings or inside the host settings) it has to have a domain\username and a fogcrpted password. My issue is that whenever i type the username fog will automatically put another \ in the field for me.

    Example: I type domain\user, Ill press update and fog auto changes it to domain\user. If I hit update again it will make it domain\\user. I have tried many combinations of characters and “tricks” but can not get anything to work.

    Does any one have ideas on these issues or possibly know how I could configure them inside of a config file on the server?

    We are running fog .32.

  • MYsql is running ‘5.0.51a-3ubuntu5.4’
    After modifiying it on the php page, the database also shows the \. If I manually change it in the database SQL throws an error about syntax.
    We are going to try username@domain instead. Ill update this post with results.

  • Moderator

    This is most likely an encoding issue. What version of PHP and mySQL are you using? Is it in the database that way or just displaying in the web interface that way?