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    English is not my primary language… sorry…

    Running versions :
    Server Debian 10, fog version : 1.5.9
    Client windows 10 pro, fog client version : 0.11.16

    Most of our windows 10 (vers 1803) fog clients show errors 503 in fog.log

    From error client :

    client fog.log

    30/04/2021 09:37 Service Stop requested
    30/04/2021 09:37 Bus Emmiting message on channel: Status
    30/04/2021 09:37 Main Overriding exception handling
    30/04/2021 09:37 Main Bootstrapping Zazzles
    30/04/2021 09:37 Controller Initialize
    30/04/2021 09:37 Controller Start
    30/04/2021 09:37 Service Starting service
    30/04/2021 09:37 Bus Became bus server
    30/04/2021 09:37 Bus Emmiting message on channel: Status
    30/04/2021 09:37 Service Invoking early JIT compilation on needed binaries
    30/04/2021 09:37 Client-Info Version: 0.11.16
    30/04/2021 09:37 Client-Info OS:      Windows
    30/04/2021 09:37 Middleware::Authentication Waiting for authentication timeout to pass
    30/04/2021 09:37 Middleware::Communication Download: http://fogserver/fog/management/other/ssl/srvpublic.crt
    30/04/2021 09:37 Middleware::Communication ERROR: Could not download file
    30/04/2021 09:37 Middleware::Communication ERROR: Le serveur distant a retourné une erreur : (503) Serveur non disponible.
    30/04/2021 09:37 Middleware::Authentication ERROR: Could not authenticate
    30/04/2021 09:37 Middleware::Authentication ERROR: Le fichier spécifié est introuvable.

    While FOGservice cycle :

    • Wireshark on client side doesn’t show any network traffic with fogserver
    • Tcpdump on server side doesn’t show any more traffic

    Client 0.12.0 installation or reinstallation fails with error : Unable to install CA Certificate while pinning server

    Questions are :

    • where do i have to dig on client to find what is causing failure ?
    • how could client receive 503 response from server that wireshark/tcpdump cant’t capture ?

    Thanks for reading and maybe responding



  • Senior Developer

    @sborgne said in (503) Service unavailable:

    Proxy parameters bad config is to be blamed…

    Wow, something I would not have thought of right away! Good you found why it fails!

    No there are no proxy configuration settings in fog-client. We use simple C# .NET WebClient calls. That seams to be using your system proxy settings. Can you set your systemwide proxy settings to not use the proxy server if connecting to your FOG server?

  • @sebastian-roth

    Thanks for your reply.

    Proxy parameters bad config is to be blamed…

    While ping and curl to fogserver were working (not routed to proxy), fogservice requests were routed through proxy.

    Question is : where does fogservice get its proxy parameters ?

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  • Senior Developer

    @sborgne HTTP 503 usually means the web server is not able to serve the request. Sometimes PHP-FPM is not running behind the Apache server but in this case where the request to the certificate file fails PHP is not involved at all. Therefore I would think that too many requests hit the FOG server at the same time and it’s not able to serve all of them. How many machines with fog-client do you have installed?

    It’s very strange you don’t see the traffic in wireshark or tcpdump! Maybe the hostname fogserver is pointing to the wrong machine? Possibly you have ethernet and wireless LAN on the client. Ping going through the ethernet and HTTP through wireless?!? No idea, just coming up with random thoughts on this.

    Best to look at the Apache and maybe PHP-FPM log files on the FOG server as well - see my signature on where to find those. Do you see the client requests there?

    Client 0.12.0 installation or reinstallation fails with error : Unable to install CA Certificate while pinning server.

    This could be related as the installer needs to download the CA certificate from your FOG server. We need to figure out why communication with 0.11.16 client is not working and that will probably fix the 0.12.0 installer issue as well.