Migrate to new FOG Master server via VtoV?

  • Running Fog 1.59 with a Master and Storage node at one office which is in the process of being shut down so I’ve moved those two servers to one of our datacenters via VMware converter. I’ve re-IPd and renamed the machine and run the installer again.

    We have a load of branch offices each with a storage node (using Location plugin) so again I’ve updated the SQL address in /opt/fog/.fogsettings to point to new IP of the Master and run installer again. Nodes all show up correctly in FOG Configuration and replication seems to be working ok.

    Lastly edited FOG Configuration > FOG Settings > Webserver and FOG Configuration > FOG Settings > TFTP Server settings plus Storage Nodes within the FOG UI to point to the new IP. Communication between FOG servers seems ok but can’t seem to get it Master to talk to an existing client.

    I’ve removed and reinstalled the FOG client and rebooted the client a number of times but keep getting error similar to that reported on this post:

    I manually removed the existing FOG Server CA and ran client installer again which I think should pull CA from the new server. Given this is essentially a clone of the original server the existing SSL should be in place I’d have thought? I do still have the old server so I can copy the SSL folder if necessary tomorrow.

    But wondering if the VtoV method used is OK or if we may introduce further complications with this approach?

    regards Tom

  • Just wanted to follow up on this for anyone else in same situation. Essentially the VtoV works just fine. As we had changed hostname and IP we only ended up having to reinstall the FOG client on the desktops for them to become in sync with the new FOG Master server. All other things just worked.

    Cheers Tom

  • @sebastian-roth thanks for this, in testing removing and readding client worked so imaging in general looks to be ok now. I’ll also test with Reset Encryption Data when I get a chance and revert back.

    I have an issue with replication but will log a separate post about that.

    cheers Tom

  • Senior Developer

    @Kiweegie In general I think the migration is fine. And with that it did also copy the certificates from the old server and there should be no need for manual adjustments.

    Though you will need to click the “Reset Encryption Data” in the FOG web UI host’s settings I am sure. If that doesn’t help, then please post the full fog.log you find on the client machine so we know what exact error you get.