Bandwith Transmit Graph not showing Activity after moving to installation to new machine

  • We recently moved our fog server to a new machine, just moved the disk. The fog server was capturing tranmsit data on eth0 but the new machine is using eth1. I have tried editing the appropriate fog settings and the /fog/status/bandwidth.php. To no avail. What am I missing.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I have the same issue but no changes were ever made to the server. All settings are set to eth0, the way they should be. I get no graphical display.

    I do have the /Images folder pointing to a SCSI drive which the system says it is eth1.

  • Moderator

    in the fog database, globalSettings table.

    you want to update the records for FOG_NFS_ETH_MONITOR, FOG_UDPCAST_INTERFACE, and FOG_WOL_INTERFACE from eth0 to eth1

    Seems those three settings are available in the Other Information -> Fog Settings of the WebUI too.

    I see in the code for bandwidth.php, it pulls the interface value from the /var/www/fog/commons/config.php file. Around line 62:
    define( “NFS_ETH_MONITOR”, “eth0”);

    should change to:
    define( “NFS_ETH_MONITOR”, “eth1”);

  • Developer

    I have the same problem, but finally I resolve it.
    If you open, in the browser, the next file:
    The server must response an echo. If the server not have activity, the response must be 0##0. In my case, the response was nothing. At the begining I thougth the problem was the cURL library (I have problem with it in the past), but after some test, I discarded it. Finally I found the answer to my problem: PHP tags.

    The server did not interpret well the php short tags, <? ?>. If you change it for <?php ?>, works fine. If you don’t want make code changes, you can also configure the php.ini file to support short open tags.

    #vim /etc/php.ini
    Edit the line:
    short_open_tag = On

    Save the changes
    #service httpd restart

    PD: I use RHEL 6.3, but you have the same problem in Centos 6