• Hi,
    I am having issues trying to make a New Image,

    Firmware Bug : TSC_DEADLINE disable due to errata: please update version : 0x25 or later

    I have updated fog to version 1.5.9
    It lets me capture the image but doesnt compress the drive, so it pulls 250 GB, and I have

    Single Disk Resizeable
    Partition Everything
    Partclone Gzip

    My server is Centos 7

    Any idea why I have this problem?

    Thanks !!!

  • Moderator

    @detoss Looking back at your original post you mentioned it doesn’t compress the drive. If you watch the blue partclone screen its probably capturing in RAW mode. It will do that if you have bitlocker or any drive encryption system enabled. Since it can’t read the files it just does a RAW sector copy of the disk.

  • Moderator

    @detoss Yep its running. You can ignore that first warning messages at the top. The second one is a bit more troubling, and the third one is confusing unless you have something plugged into the SD memory slot on your computer.

    I think I would want you to run through the hardware checker from the iPXE menu to make sure both the network and storage disk can be seen. If it can, then all warning messages can be ignored. FOS Linux is not a general purpose OS, we may get spurious messages from the kernel, but as long as the nic and disk can be seen then it should image.

    Since you are working with newish hardware you will want to make sure you have FOS Linux kernel 5.6.8 or later. The latest is 5.10.19. That will ensure you can image the latest hardware. You can upgrade the kernel from the FOG Configuration->Kernel update menu in the web ui.

  • Moderator

    @detoss What hardware are you getting this error on and can you provide a snapshot of the error taken with a mobile phone. That will help us set the context of the error.

    The kernel will throw a number of warning when it starts, but they are only warnings and will not impact the operation. What isn’t it doing specifically beyond that message?