UEFI and Legacy Bios coexistence with SonicWall DHCP

  • We’re running into an issue now that we’re getting devices with no Legacy BIOS support. We have to switch the bootfile on the DHCP server almost every time we image a device.

    I did some research, and saw that there’s some documentation for this exact issue:

    The Problem is we use our SonicWall for DHCP, and there’s nothing listed in there about configuring this on a SonicWall.

    Any help or even suggestions is appreciated. I’ve looked into this for quite a while, with no success.

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    @yeet said in UEFI and Legacy Bios coexistence with SonicWall DHCP:

    Problem is we use our SonicWall for DHCP

    Yes this can be a problem if your SonicWall doesn’t support dynamic boot options. The quickest and most direct route is to install dnsmasq on your FOG server to supply only the pxe boot information. Your sonicwall will supply all other dhcp settings except pxe booting.

    I have a tutorial on how to add dnsmasq in about 10 minutes to your FOG server here:https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/12796/installing-dnsmasq-on-your-fog-server

    If your pxe booting computers are on a different subnet than your fog server, you will need to update your dhc-relay/dhcp-helper service on your subnet router. Add the fog server as the last dhcp server in the helper service. Then everything will just work. If everyone is on the same subnet then just install dnsmasq and it will work.