• FOG Server Problems:
    I have Dell 7490’s that I’m trying to re-image using FOG. I have been able to get some machines to re-image but the majority are not registering when plugged in (via ethernet) to the Server laptop. I’m utilizing the FOG to re-image laptops from a Server laptop (Dell 7490 as well), not via a switch. I really need to troubleshoot this problem with someone on the phone because there are so many issues and the issues are not consistent. HELP!!!

  • @george1421 here’s where I’m at now.
    Laptop: Dell Latitude 7490
    FOG: 1.5.8
    I was able to change the settings in the BIOS on the client machine allowing the FOG to recognize the clients and registering. I was able to successfully re-image 1 machine. (yay!) Now I have had 3 machines give me an (same) error (unable to locate image store (/bin/fog.download)) in the deploying image process. Any thoughts on what’s causing this? I’ve read everything that looked remotely close to the same issue with no luck. FOG_unable to locate image store.jpg

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    @jimcreighton1 Well I would start out asking what version of FOG and also what version of the FOS Linux kernel are you using (FOG Configuration -> Kernel update) for the newest hardware you probably want to install FOS Linux kernel version 5.10.12 or later.You will want to install both the 32 and 64 bit versions.

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