OptiPlex 7780 AIO - "Kernal is most probably missing the correct driver"

  • Hi,
    We purchased 1 new Dell OptiPlex 7780 all-in-one.
    When attempting to image this device, they’re receiving the message “Cannot find disk on system (getHardDisk)”

    We are FOG version 1.5.9 and bzImage Version: 5.10.12 (latest)

    Thanks for your help

  • @sebastian-roth Obviously!
    We had a bad factory BIOS setup and didn’t think about looking into more detail … our fault!
    Thanks a lot for your help, from the outside the problem is often more quickly identifiable;)

  • Senior Developer

    @FLSH Most probably the disk controller is set to RAID. Please switch to AHCI and FOG will find it. This is a known issue and there is not much we can do about it. The driver fro RAID mode is kept closed source and is not part of the Linux kernel. Though using AHCI mode is just as good in pretty much all cases.

    But be aware, if you have Windows installed in RAID mode already, switching to AHCI mode will cause an issue I reckon. If you just want to deploy to that 7780, then switch to AHCI and off you go.