Change default answer of the "Perform Full Host Registration and Inventory"

  • Fog version 1.5.9
    Debian 10


    Is it possible to change the default answer of the “Perform Full Host Registration and Inventory” and how ?


  • It works great !

    Thanks a lot !

  • Moderator

    @davido38 Here is the updated file you need.

    You will need to “Save link As” (hint remove the .txt from the end) and move it to your fog server into ‘/images/postdownloadscripts’ directory.

    In that ‘/images/postdownloadscripts’ directory create a file called fog.patchregistration

    In that file place the following commands.

    echo "";
    echo "Installing Custom Registration Patch"
    cp -f ${postinitpath} /bin/
    echo "Done Patching"

    Save the file then edit fog.postinit file and add in the following line

    . ${postinitpath}/fog.patchregistration

    And save that change.

    That is all you need to do. First test it to make sure it works as you wanted. Then if you want to change the registration file more all you need to do is just edit the in the post inits path.

  • Moderator

    @davido38 The bit longer answer is yes its possible but you will need to do a setup on your fog server to patch the client image. Its not hard to do, but does have a few steps you must follow.

  • I would like to change this :

    Would you like this host to join a domain ? => yes

    Would you like to deploy image to this computer now? (y/N) => yes


  • Moderator

    @davido38 The quick answer is yes. But you need to be a bit more descriptive of what you want to change.