• So i read the overview and what not i guess i am still a little foggy on what Fog actually does. I can basically make a image being windows or Linux and have multiple computers booting the same image via PXE? Also i can backup computer images to the fog server. I have a couple Dell thin clients FX-100 i think, can i administer these from FOG? Along with various desktops all with the same image? That would be amazing because i have a love hate love relationship with VM Ware View. Sorry i am sure this is in the wrong place or been asked many times over. Also if the windows image is running from a server does it still benefit from the discreet graphics, ram etc? Or is it a generic snapshot with fake hardware like VM in VMware ?

  • You can deploy the image to as many computers as you choose. Whether or not you can use the same key for all the computers is determined by the type of Microsoft licensing you have.

  • I should have read your post better so it does deploy. Does it deploy say a single win7 image to multiple hosts? Or does this violate the Microsoft agreement of one cd key per machine?

  • So Fog is more of a image backup solution? does it deploy images?

  • Fog is not a VDI solution, it is an image deployment solution. The way I use it is I build a master for our student labs, run sysprep to generalize and shrink wrap the build, then use Fog to deploy it to the 200 computers on campus. It is similar to Clonezilla or Symantec Ghost.