Moving Fog Vm from Virtual Box to KVM

  • The setup and proof of concept is working great in Virtual Box at my desk.
    Its not a speed daemon, but works for testing. Time to step it up for larger scale use.

    I converted the Fog Virtual Box VMDK file I created over to a QCOW2 file
    for use in KVM. Loaded the vm into KVM and the VM is running BUT…

    KVM wants to open and run the Fog VM in the 192. scope instead of bridged and run in
    10. IP addressing scope.

    How do I configure KVM to stop running the Fog VM in the 192. scope and grab or manually assign an IP in the 10. scope?


  • @sebastian-roth

    Once I setup a bridged virtual network adapter for the vm within the
    KVM Virtual Machine Details, I was able to make everything communicate.

    Issue Resolved. 🙂

  • Senior Developer

    @cyannella Sorry but this question is better asked in a forum about KVM or virtualization in general. It’s not something FOG is causing and most probably you get better answers from people with specific knowledge on KVM networking.