• Hi everybody,

    I am a new to this forum and first time ever I post a topic on a forum!
    I am unable to find in your wiki or forum how to store the images on an NFS share. Did I overlook, or just impossible?

    This is my situation:
    I have a debian 10 home server running Proxmox 6.3. I have 4x 3TB harddrives (8TB) in raid 5. >90% of this 8TB storage is occupied by a virtual machine Xpenology 6.3 file server.
    This VM Xpenology 6.3 contains all my files and also a NFS share wish I use as storage for my other VM’s. This is very flexible and works great!
    I want to use the same NFS share on my VM Xpenology to store fog images. (If you want, I can create a new one?).
    If not possible, I need to create a virtual harddrive, wish I think is a waste of precious hard drive space.

    Is that possible?

    PS: Oops. Posted under the wrong topic! Can somebody move this to topic Technical Support?

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    @Poelie Not sure if you specific NAS will work but here is some information you can start working on: https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=NAS_Storage_Node