Image Formats - Can I Gather an image with FOG that can also be used with Clonezilla

  • We use clonezilla massively for imaging right now.
    I need way more automation.

    The main plan is to automate our image collections and deployments to the devices we build.
    With cloned storage nodes at remote sites that will have the updated image builds on them.

    How can I have FOG gather a device image with partclone so that it can be used interchangeably with FOG and Clonezilla. Is it even possible?
    What are my options?


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    @cyannella Hmmm, its been a while since I looked at that. It still should be technically possible to do.

  • @george1421
    I am already having to do a bunch of manual tasks with the CZ solution and image files.
    Unleash the automated robots! That’s what computers are for! lol

    Can I use any of this still to add CZ to the Pxe Menu or is there a new set of docs someplace for this?



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    @cyannella While technically you can share captured images between clonezilla and fog since they both use partclone beyond partclone the two softwares compress the image file differently and save the disk metadata in incompatible formats. The raw disk files are similar (except for the compression).

    The quickest way to share images between imaging solutions is to deploy your golden image with one solution (fog) and then have FOG power off the target computer, then immediately use clonezille to recapture the image before the target OS boots for the first time.