capture a image over the fog boot menu

  • Hi Community,

    is it possible capture a image over the fog boot menu on a registered client? May be possibly create new menu item in boot menu for it? Which parameters should then be described in the “Parameters” field in the New iPXE Menu Configuration?

    I have already created image in web interface.

  • This would be a great feature to have, even if it were limited to only capturing to the image already assigned to the already registered host. It would be a good idea to have an extra confirmation message and invert the color scheme to make sure the user realizes what they’re about to do. However, deploying incorrectly can cause just as much damage as capturing incorrectly. FOG is a very sharp, double-edged tool.

    Sometimes it’s a chore to go find another PC with network access so I can log in and set up the capture task or I’ll have to set up the capture task using the same PC before rebooting it. I can’t always carry my laptop with me and I don’t enjoy navigating any web interfaces on my phone.

  • Senior Developer

    @ktif14 Sorry for the late reply. No, it’s not as easy as creating a new iPXE menu entry because a task needs to be created in the database. This can be done either by using the FOG web UI or the FOG API but not through the iPXE menu.