• Looking into using FOG to image some machines - I would need to be able to create a couple snapins, to be applied for all machines

    For various reasons I do not want the software to be included in the image, and instead installed post image.

    I have created a snapin, and a group. Is it possible to set a group to be default/applied to all hosts past, present and future?

  • Thank you - That is helpful. It seems the persistent groups plugin works more along of the line of what I expected from the default groups.

    It seems then that it is not possible to have snap-ins defined as defualt, associated to an image or ALL hosts regardless of groups? Perhaps that goes against what a ‘snap-in’ is reallly intended for…

  • Senior Developer

    @GeorgeBells The concept of groups in FOG is probably different from what you expect it to be. It’s more or less a tool to apply the same setting to a group of hosts once.

    There are many posts in the forums about this. Search for “persistent groups”…