• @george1421 Well I guess I need to go see the eye doctor. You were right, they were right there. Through the web console, it said it was successful. But when trying the 840, same issue.

    Is there a way to confirm that those kernels were properly written to that directory and are being used.

    Attached is the contents of the directory you referenced.


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    @joyboy11111 Strange because when I go in I can see the updated kernels.

    NOTICE: I just noticed I put the box around the ARM processor version and not the intel x64 processor. Understand the graphic is wrong, but the intent was to show you the items existed in my FOG server menu.

    There is a manual process to download the updated kernels. You can get them from here: https://fogproject.org/kernels/

    Save the 64 bit version as bzImage
    Save the 32 bit version as bzImage32

    Remember case iS important

    The files go into /var/www/html/fog/service/ipxe directory on the fog server. Rename the existing files then copy these new ones in place.

  • @george1421 When I am in kernel update, the newest kernel that is listed for me is 4.19.143 TomElliott arm64. I scrolled all the way through and do not see the one you listed.

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    @joyboy11111 Switch over to the FOS Linux kernel of 5.6.18 and that will/should address any driver issue with newly minted hardware. You can do that in the web ui under FOG Configuration -> Kernel. Update both the 32 bit and 64 bit kernels. If that still is not working go into debug mode again on the target computer and enter uname -r if it doesn’t report 5.6.18 then something happened with the kernel update process.