Change default interface FOG uses from eno2 to eno1

  • I have fog set up almost exactly how I want it and everything is working great. However, I’d like to now change the default interface that it uses to eno1 instead of eno2 that it is currently using.

    I saw a post here that looks like what I’m trying to do, It looks fairly old and mentions updating FOG config files and making some changes in the FOG GUI settings.

    What config files/GUI settings should I be updating to make this change? I’d prefer to not have to reinstall fog since I know very little about it and currently have everything except for this set up the way I need it to be.

    If it is needed I am running fog on Debian 10. Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can provide.

  • @george1421 Great, thank you for the quick response.

  • Moderator

    @acsand0199 There is a hidden file in /opt/fog called .fogsettings (yes it starts with a dot, that inidicates the file is hidden) So you wan to edit /opt/fog/.fogsettngs replace all references to eno1.

    If you are using the FOG server as the dhcp server for your imaging network then you should look through the isc-dhcp config file to make sure its binding to the right interface.

    Then in the web ui in FOG Configuration->FOG Settings hit the Expand All button and then search the page for eno1 and replace its instances with eno2.

    Then again in the web ui look at the default storage node settings confirm there it references the correct network interface.

    Finally back in the linux console rerun the FOG installer script. It will pickup the settings stored in the .fogsettings file and fix up the rest of the FOG environment.