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    A customer recently asked for a Fog server. I built an ESXi 6.5 host, on a Dell R740 and then installed Fog on a CIS compliant Ubuntu 18.04.5 server. It is networked with 2 interfaces on a single NIC, one for the corporate network and the other is for imaging laptops. What I am running into currently while testing local to the ESXi host, is exit code returned 4. It says GPT cannot be restored, which is strange to me because there is no partition table on the drive since it is a VM. Can someone tell me what the deal is, and things to try? I have tried building Linux and Windows VMs and formatting the drive to GPT, and then deploying an image to it after trying to trick the server into working. Any help is helpful!

  • @sebastian-roth Doh! I feel silly. It was absolutely disk size. I built the test machines smaller than the laptops the images were captured from. Thanks for that, now I can go bug the network engineer 🙂

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    @alexnoel2 Please post a picture of the full error screen.

    Just a blind gues… The VM/host you capture the image from has a larger size disk than the VM/host you want to deploy to. Depending on the partition layout FOG cannot shrink it to a smaller size disk. On your FOG server you have subfolders in /imags for each image and within those you should find a text file called d1.partitions. Post the contents of this text file here as well so we know what your partition layout looks like.