• Hello this might very simple but i could not find a answer to it.
    Is there a way to select which disk to deploy a image to? once you boot from the fog server and deploy a image it will do its thing. How ever what if i have a system with let say 5 Disks not in any kind of raid and wish to deploy a image to the third drive for example how would it do this?

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    @kylian Well the simple answer is yes you can. In the host management page of the target computer there is a filed to identify the disk you want to send the image to.

    The bit longer answer is the format of the disk is dependent on how the disk is connected to the computer. If its over a sata cable then disk 1 will be /dev/sda, disk 2 will be /dev/sdb and so on. So if you wanted to deploy to the 3rd disk on the computer you would enter /dev/sdc into that field.