• Guys I’m having this problem when trying to boot into a new installation of Fog.índice.jpeg

    Would anyone have any idea what it might be? I already researched here on the forum but found nothing.

  • @george1421 You were right! It worked. I didn’t know that I should run it again to complete the installation, my distraction, I lost about 40 hours to solve something that wasn’t even installed! Thank you very much @george1421. You saved my job.

  • This post is deleted!
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    @navarro I’m surprised you got here with this error message.

    On your fog server that file should be in /tftpboot. Does that directory have files in it? Is default.ipxe in that directory? I can see that file not being there if you didn’t go back and complete the second half of the install. FOG linux console install fog -> Web ui to install database -> linux console and press enter to complete the install. Some people miss that second part.