• FOG 1.5.9

    Hello, i’ve got a litle problem with group and snapins.
    When i assign a snapin to a group if i look again on this group the snapin i just assigned before is not selected.
    Am’i wrong with this way to do ?
    Thanks for your help

  • Senior Developer

    @plegrand Groups do not track what snapins are associated to them. It’s just too complex to get right and extremely error prone. Even the things that do track it’s extremely tedious.

    Why you ask?

    Well, let’s just use some medium numbers to show what I mean.

    Let’s say you have a group with 500 hosts in it.

    You originally setup the group so all hosts had the same snapins. (Easy to do, just update the group accordingly.)

    Now you go to one of the hosts directly, and you remove the snapin from that host. Now you go back to the group, and the group now doesn’t know anything about the snapin on all 500 hosts.

    Remember, groups in FOG are not a persistent thing. This is because you can associate a host to multiple groups. Groups, in FOG case, is basically a mechanism to mass update hosts.

    For example:

    One group to set machines up for specific snapins, but another group that you want to set machines printers, (the machine sets are different, but you might want to cross machiens.)