2 tasks for the same host not possible?

  • Hello,

    I want to restart a group of PC´s for a new deployment or other.

    Here my Problem:
    I add a snapin to restart as a script. When I add this to the host, he restart in 1min … its working.

    But I want before set a task for the PXE boot … but when I add later the snapin task, he delete the previous boot task.

    Is it not possible to add more tasks to one host?

    Thank you!

  • @sebastian-roth great, thank you!

  • Senior Developer

    @seppim Yes, with the fog-client installed and working the PCs do get a restart signal. Should happen within 5 minutes! If it does not then you need to take a look at the fog.log file to see why it does not reboot.

  • @tom-elliott hmmm … yes I have … you mean I just need to start the PXE task? I did not recognize that the host made automatic a reboot 🙂 Maybe I need wait longer?

  • @seppim If you have the FOG client installed on the machine, you don’t need a snapin task to tell the machine to reboot. The fog client will do that automatically for you.

  • @tom-elliott Hello Tom,

    unfortunately I need first the snapin and then the pxe.

    Many PC´s are running and I don’t want to go to each and power down.

    I thought I could force a restart and when he boot he do the other task

  • @seppim If you have a specific snapin that needs to be run on a machine, but then you have a PXE type task you need to run (such as deploy), I guess I don’t understand the point?

    No you cannot have 2 tasks for the same host active at the same time. The only, kind of, exception is specific to snapin tasks. You can schedule multiple snapin tasks at one time. (though it has been a while.)

    If you need the snapin task to run after the pxe process completes, why not just add the snapin to that host. When you create a deploy task, it will automatically queue the snapin tasks for you once that previous task completes.