Deleting an image in the web UI is not removing it from the server.

  • When I delete an image from the FOG web UI it will remove it from there, but the storage space stays the same. The image is located in /images on the server. I am running CentOS 8. I believe that it may be a permissions issue, but when I log in with the management user I am able to manually delete the image from the server’s backend. Thank you for your help.

  • @sebastian-roth Thank you for your help. I just saw from a recent post exactly that, here.

    @george1421 said in Make room on fog server's storage:

    @sjensen If you delete the image from the image list (not from within the image definition) the deletion action will only remove the list entry and leave the raw files behind. If you go into the image record and delete the image from there, there is a checkbox to also remove the raw files (or something named similar). This will purge the files from the disk.

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    @devrick When you delete an image from the list/search view by marking the checkbox and click the “Delete” button this will only remove the image definition from the database but won’t delete the files from disk. This is by intention because we want to prevent people from marking several images unintentionally and delete those forever.

    If you want to have the image files deleted through the web UI you need to open the image settings for one particular image, go to the “Delete” tab at the top, then check “Delete files” and hit the “Delete” button.

    If you want to delete image files manually now that you have removed those from the database/web UI you can run Linux rm command to delete specific folders in /images. Make sure you know how the rm command works using some test files/directories before you blindly go ahead.