• Hi guys

    I am trying to download the FOG client to look at the domain join/host rename snap in but when I click the link at the bottom of FOG it takes me to a blank screen. If I view the source, the page is entirely blank?

    The FOG server is in an isolated network with no internet access, would that be the problem perhaps?

    Is there a place I could download the file if that is the case?

    Thanks in advance!


  • @sebastian-roth Thank you.

    It’s the 1.5.9 version. Not tried with a different browser, only Chrome for the time being.

    I’ll dig through the logs but if the page is a redirect I guess that’s where the problem lies.

  • Senior Developer

    @Goll420 The fog-client (MSI and SmartInstaller) are stored on your FOG server and should not need access to the outside world. It’s strange you get an empty page. Though it’s some kind of redirect and possibly that is causing an issue. You can take a look at the apache and PHP logs (see my signature) if you can find an obvious error pointing to why this doesn’t work.

    You can either use WinSCP (SSH) to connect to your FOG server and grab the files from there (directory /var/www/html/fog/client/) or download from github.com on another computer with internet access and bring it over on USB key or disk.

    The github link above points to the latest version of the fog-client. I suppose you are using a kind of recent version of FOG!