• I’m trying to multicast an image to 3 pc’s. I setup the mutlicast image and pxe into the multicast session with each pc. All 3 pc’s have the Partclone window like they are waiting for the image to be pushed. There is no activity coming from the current session. Is there something additional I need to setup for this to work?

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    @sjensen FOG 1.5.0 is years old and I can’t remember if multicast worked perfectly fine in that version or if there was an itch with that in 1.5.0.

  • @sebastian-roth 1.5.0
    I’ll looking right now to see if we have multicast setup on our network.

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    @sjensen said in Multicast:

    All 3 pc’s have the Partclone window like they are waiting for the image to be pushed.

    This usually happens when:

    • you have a network setup with multiple switches and sometimes even across subnets and multicast (PIM) is not configured
    • a multicast session somehow hung itself up. In this case you would cancel the session in the web UI, restart the FOG server and schedule a new task.

    By the way, which version of FOG do you use?

    @vemoya Your hint is quite helpful in cases where a multicast session is scheduled for more host that actually make it but from what I read in this request I would tend to think it’s not the case here. We’ll see…

  • I had the same issue. I made some changes to the wait time for multicast sessions under the settings menu for FOG. I think the default is 10 min so I dropped it down to 2 just to give me enough time to set up the other systems on the session. This wait time setting will take place if you don’t join the computers to the multicast. So it will start the session before you get the rest of the PCs joined. Use with caution.

    FOG configuration>FOG settings>Multicast Settings>UDPCAST MAXWAIT

    Hope this helps