Create a restricted user for the webui login

  • I’m looking for a way to create a standard, non-admin user for the fog webui. This user will be able to manage images, tasks, but nothing else. I basically want to prevent this user from changing storage settings and be completely locked out from the FOG Settings menu. Is this possible?

  • Senior Developer

    @brakcounty Please read through this topic:

    Understand this is not like full access control as FOG wasn’t implemented like that and a plugin cannot simply fix this. But it might still suite your needs.

    Note: This plugin code does not get much attention because the original developer does not seem to find the time right now. So if you find an issue we might not find the time to help and fix this.

  • Was going to post a new thread but found I had already asked this question and no one responded. Bumping this thread because it would be nice to create a user that can only create/deploy images and set up groups for multicast etc but not have access to fog settings.