• Hello, I am a bit confused with how you can find the name of the primary drive you want to use as the “Host Primary Disk.” I have a PC with two drives (one containing my OS and some apps, and the other containing games).

    I want to regularly deploy a clean image to the primary drive (OS and apps).

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    @nerdstburns Just want to add a question to what George already said. Are both your disks NVMe drives by any chance? Just asking because they are special and need different parameters.

    Which version of FOG do you use?

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    @nerdstburns The target name depends on the drive type (sata vs nvme) and the detection order. Typically the first sata drive is /dev/sda and the second drive is /dev/sdb The nvme drives have a different naming format.

    To be sure if you schedule a debug capture/deploy. Just schedule a task but before you hit the schedule task button tick the debug checkbox. Now pxe boot the target computer. After a few screens of text you will be dropped to a linux command prompt. At the FOS Linux command prompt key in lsblk this will list all of the hard drives and their size. If you can identify the disk drive you want to deploy to via its size the name will be to the left. Once you know its name, update the host record in the fog web ui. Then delete that debug task you have create. You will need to do this in the web ui under tasks. Once that is done schedule a new task and reboot the target computer over again and pxe boot it and away it will image.