Can't perform Host Registration

  • I have installed fog 1.5.9 on Ubuntu 16.04. When I boot to the pxe menu I can’t register a host. Neither full or quick registration works. When I select one I see “init.xz… OK” on the screen and it goes back to the main menu.

    Also, when I tell it to boot from hard disk, I get a “Chainloading failed” error.

    If I try to join a multicast session, it will prompt for un/pw and ask for session name. So, something is working correctly.

    I attempted to install Fog 1.4.5 on CentOS7 to see if it would behave differently, but it did the same thing.

    Any ideas about what is causing this issue?


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    @dadkins said in Can't perform Host Registration:

    I have installed fog 1.5.9 on Ubuntu 16.04.

    As you seem to be starting with a new installation I am wondering why you use such an old Ubuntu version. 16.04 is end of life kind of soon and newer versions work pretty much the same. I suggest you re-install before going ahead using Ubuntu 20.04.

  • I updated the bios and it is now working.

    To answer your questions, this is an asus vivobook s400c.

    I updated the bio to version 210 and I’m booting using uefi.

    Thanks for your help.

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    @dadkins Where it is crashing is the hand off from iPXE and FOS Linux (bzImage/init.xz).

    1. What target hardware are you trying to boot on
    2. Is the firmware (bios) up to date on that target hardware?
    3. What mode is the hardware in bios (legacy) or uefi

    Solving this will be tough since linux is not actually starting and/or its starting but not displaying on the screen.