• I need a tutorial on how to backup my FOG Server. I have looked around online and have to come to the conclusion that I will have to use the fog server access shell. I did not set this up I was only given the task of backing it up can someone please help me

  • If you are running it on ESXi, go to your web browser and goto the IP address of your ESXi server. On the right hand side, you can “Browse datastores in this host’s inventory” which is an option on the right side of the screen. Once you authenticate to the server, you can browse the datastore and backup your VM.


    if you have the vshpere client installed. You can browse your datastore from within the program and download the VM to an external drive with the datastore manager.

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    If it’s a VM, then just use whatever you use to backup the rest of your VM’s. If you don’t have backup software that lets you take a backup with the machine running, you can always shut down fog long enough to copy the VM file to backup media.

  • Ok that is very insightful and helps alot only problem being its running on VMware ESXi does that make any difference? I have figured out how to backup the necessary files using the FOG secure shell access, one problem being I don’t know how to move it to say an external hard drive.

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    You can backup the whole thing just like any other linux system.

    If you just want to backup FOG and not the entire system:

    1. Export the mySQL info using mysqldump
    2. copy /images
    3. copy /opt/fog-setup/.fogsettings
    4. if your FOG server runs DHCP, grab the dhcpd.conf file.
    5. make note of the static IP you assigned to FOG.

    If FOG dies, you reinstall the OS, update OS, set static ip, install FOG using the .fogsettings file, copy /images back, import the mysql file, overwrite the dhcpd.conf file and restart dhcpd.

    I have not had to recover a FOG server, but I have migrated from a virtual machine, to a desktop, to a physical server, keeping the hosts, images, and settings all intact.