FOG not updating Active Directory Users and Computers

  • I am having an issue when updating hostnames/domains within FOG. When a hostname is changed, certain machines will reboot and update the computer host name and then the name within AD by replacing the old entry. However, other machines will either not update the hostname on the computer at all, or will update the hostname on the computer but then not update AD. The only way we’ve been able to get AD updated correctly is to manually leave and then rejoin the domain, at which point the hostname appears in AD. Also, when trying to change the domain of a computer in FOG, the computer will reboot but still be on the old domain. Any ideas? Thanks!

  • @Sebastian-Roth
    Hello, Sebastian,
    I believe the reason for why hostnames were not updating was due to the client not being up to date, however, after a name change, AD is still not updating, causing a trust relationship error when logging in and the domain does not change. Also, we a running 0.12.0 client version. Any other ideas on why AD is not communicating correctly? Thanks!

  • Fog version 1.5.9
    I am unsure how to check the version of the client.
    The log file shows No task found.
    we are using Windows AD.
    I have searched for a few days and found nothing.

  • Senior Developer

    @zaccx32 Which version of FOG and the fog-client do you use? When this happens what so you get in the fog.log file on the client machine? Is this a Windows AD (domain controller version?) or Samba server setup as AD controller?

    Have you searched the forums for this kind of issue yet?