Feature request for FOG 1.6.x - Install RTC Class Driver in FOS Kernel

  • Moderator

    The issue is the FOG Admin can not set the local time of the target computer during imaging using a post install script. The linux utility hwclock is included in the FOS ints but running the command produces the following error:

    # hwclock --debug
    hwclock: cannot open /dev/rtc: Device or resource busy
    No usable clock interface found.
    hwclock: Cannot access the Hardware Clock via any known method.

    This error is thrown because the /dev/rtc device driver is not enabled in the FOS Linux kernel. Enabling the RTC Class in the kernel is all that is needed for the hwclock utility to interface with the hardware clock.

    In the kernel config:

    Device Drivers -> Real Time Clock
    --- Real Time Clock                                                           x
     x [*]   Set system time from RTC on startup and resume (NEW)                 x
     x     (rtc0)  RTC used to set the system time (NEW)                          x
     x [*]   Set the RTC time based on NTP synchronization (NEW)                  x
     x     (rtc0)  RTC used to synchronize NTP adjustment (NEW)                   x
     x [ ]   RTC debug support (NEW)                                              x
     x [*]   RTC non volatile storage support (NEW)                               x
     x       *** RTC interfaces ***                                               x
     x [*]   /sys/class/rtc/rtcN (sysfs) (NEW)                                    x
     x [*]   /proc/driver/rtc (procfs for rtcN) (NEW)                             x
     x [*]   /dev/rtcN (character devices) (NEW)                                  x