FOG will not deploy to machine; blue please wait screen skips to 'performing cleanup'

  • On most machine this will image properly however others will go to the blue ‘please wait’ screen briefly then show performing cleanup, the task in fog shows completed successfully, but the disk did not get imaged. I havent found any good pointers as to what the issue could be other than the kernel, which i have tried to replace with others located on the sourceforge to no avail

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    Getting a VM to boot fog is as easy as bridging the network card and turning on network boot.

  • Seems thats the only way, I was really hoping that you could shrink the drive down and make a very small image that will scale to fit. And it does, but only as small as the full drive it was made from.

    My luck so far has been shrinking the partition down, then using a different program to clone the partition to a smaller drive, then create a master image from that small drive. This makes an image smaller that all the machines I’m imaging. ‘Most of the time’

    Has anyone had success making a virtual machine image with a fixed size? I have yet to even try getting a virtual machine to fog boot.

  • Not sure if I’m on the right track for your problem but it sounds like something we had issues with for a while. You could shrink the partition to around 80 gig. Then you add the pass to your answer file to extend (pass 4 ExtendOSpartition). This helped with multiple sized hard drives.

  • Okay So during the upload this size is only 17.8GB and yet the error occurs if you try to put it on anything smaller than a 250G

  • Just noticed what could be a key to this,
    It will image a drive that is the same size or greater then that of the one the image was created from.
    Need to figure out, 1. How to see the size of this image, and 2. How to make it smaller