Hosts reboot after any selection at FOG menu

  • I updated my FOG version from 1.5.7 to 1.5.9 yesterday. FOG is running on CentOS Linux release 7.8.2003. The upgrade completed without issue. Now, computers will boot to the FOG menu, but when any option is selected, the computer reboots.

    With the HP Elitebook 840 G3 laptops, after selecting any FOG menu option, it shows

    bzImage_5.6.18 . . . ok

    It then just reboots with no further messages

    With the Dell Latitude 5410, any FOG menu option results in the following:

    bzImage_5.6.18 . . . ok
    Could not select: Exec format error (
    Could not boot: Exec format error (
    Could not boot: Exec format error (
    Chainloading failed, hit 's' for the iPXE shell; reboot in 10 seconds

    I tested with multiple computers of each model, including several that we successfully imaged prior to the upgrade.

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    @doogxela Thanks for using the latest release and letting us know about issues.

    The initial topic on kernel problem seems weird to me because the installer script uses checksums and would re-download the kernel/init files 10 times in a row if the checksum doesn’t match and error out in the end. So I can’t really see why there could be anything wrong.

    On the other hand I see from your post that you are using a custom kernel image (bzImage_5.6.18) and I am wondering if that customization had anything to do with the boot issue??

    About the slowness you want to check out this topic:

    Unfortunately we didn’t get enough response and didn’t have enough time to keep up this topic and figure out which part is causing the slowness.

  • I re-downloaded the kernels. After that, I was able to successfully start an image. It is currently running, but seems to be slower than it previously was. I’ll investigate that to see if it is actually an issue.