Kernel Versions - 4.19.143 vs 5.6.18

  • Maybe I missed something, I thought that you would normally keep up to date on the Kernel with the highest number (5.6.18) but 4.19.143 just released. What’s the difference?


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    @Ken-Zug The only thing I might add to George’s answer is that we might add even newer kernels like 5.8.x to help people with newer hardware. There is nothing specific about 5.6.18 but it was a stable kernel version back then when people started asking about driver support on newer hardware.

    The 4.9.x line is rock solid from a Linux and a FOG perspective - been tested many times in hundreds of setups. The 5.6.x and newer kernels have not been used as much…

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    A bit longer answer is two fold.
    4.19.x series is an LTS kernel (long term support) from the linux foundation. This IS an official kernel of FOG 1.5.9 when its released because there are no LTS versions as of now for 5.x series.

    In 5.5.x of the linux kernel the linux kernel developers added a bunch of new hardware support that is not currently being back ported to the 4.19.x LTS versions.

    As a stop gap measure the FOG Developers released 5.6.18 (not an LTS version) to fill the gap between the 4.19.x LTS versions and what ever the 5.x.x LTS version will be so that FOG will image the latest hardware as an optional kernel to download. Once the linux kernel developers pick an LTS version in the 5.x.x series then the FOG developers will move their default kernel to that version.

  • I think I just found my answer. Please correct me if I’m wrong. The 5.6.18 is the series that is supported by the Linux Foundation and is generally the recommended Kernel series. The 4.19.143 is an alternate set that has a specific driver that was put in for testing purposes for a specific NIC.