TFTP server not found when I try to upload a new image.

  • I’m new to Fog and the concept of it.
    I have attempted to upload an image and get this message; TFTP server not found. I have installed the Fog Client on the computer I want to create the image from. I did a quick registration through the PXE menu. I have tried to push the image from the PXE menu and get requested for a password which I don’t know. The network admin told me the Fog server is the TFTP server. How can the TFTP server not find itself? The network admin doesn’t know what the password would be either.
    The network admin setup the Fog server with Ubuntu 12. He said 10.04 was about to reach the end of its support and would like not to go backwards. Is there a major difference that causes this error? Is there a work around? I have no Linux background, so please explain your suggestions in a way I can present them to the network admin, he would like to see the world go Linux and drop Windows.

  • Moderator

    Changes in Ubuntu 12 cause TFTP daemon to try to start before the LAN interface has been initialized. Simply restarting the tftpd after booting the FOG server, or searching the forums for the many topics on tftp problems in Ubuntu 12, you’ll find a modification to the boot scripts that pauses tftpd long enough to allow the interface to be bound to it’s IP before starting.

    If you want your hosts to have specific names, use the full registration and inventory option. Quick reg just numbers them sequentially I believe and if you have the fog client configured to rename hosts or join them to AD it may lead to more work than you want.

  • Discovered default username and password during the reading of the guide. If there are multiple users with their own login will this cause an error?