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  • Running FOG .32 on Ubuntu 12.10.

    I’ve read the wiki on how to expand or move the /images directory, but they don’t exactly address what I’d like to do. I have a 2TB drive that is mounted as /home and has existing images from DRBL. I’d like to create a directory structure under /home (say something like /home/fog/images) and put the images in there. Is that a possibility?

    I tried doing it and modifying the FOG settings, but NFS complained about the mount point when I would try to upload an image.


  • Thanks! I’ll give those things a try.

  • Also you might want to update/check [CODE]vi /etc/exports[/CODE]

  • Moderator

    You’ll have to export /home/fog/images instead of /images and /home/fog/images/dev instead of /images/dev. I think you also need to update the FOG config to tell it the base location for images is now /home/fog/images instead of /images.

    Also, sudo chown -R fog:root /home/fog/images, and the command from Spicoli above to prep it. You’ll also need to touch .mntcheck in both /home/fog/images and /home/fog/images/dev

  • [CODE]sudo chmod -R 777 /home/fog/images[/CODE]
    Did you give proper permissions to the share

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