• Hello,

    I’m currently facing a strange issue.

    I’m capturing an image containing multiple partition (Windows 10 and Debian both present on the OS).

    I usually capture my image using the option All Partition, Single Disk, Not resizable.
    But this year, I have a small issue with the GRUB not finding any OS, even though it was working just fine on the VM before the capture.

    So I decided to use the RAW option for the capture, and after deployment it works just fine.
    But now my problem lies within the image size.
    I’ve given my virtual machine a disk size of 475 GB, but the image captured is 510 GB.
    That small difference is making it impossible to deploy the image on a few classrooms (where I have installed news bought SSD).

    Has anyone seen that problem before ?

    PS : My fog server is still in version 1.5.7

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    @Dan_Ansel Ok, now that the other issue is solved and I have a bit more time we might take a look at this one again.

    Though I would not trust the “size on client” value shown in the FOG web UI in all cases but if you really see the image size to be 510 GB in the blue partclone capture screen I would imagine the disk really is that big.

    Please post the contents of the text file d1.partitions you find in the /images/IMAGENAME/ directory on your FOG server. That will surely give us a clue on the actual disk size.

    Possibly this is just a calculation issue?! e.g. 510 GB * 1000 * 1000 / 1024 / 1024 = 486 GB?!?

    @Dan_Ansel said in Size Difference after capture:

    udevd [3760] failed to execute ‘/lib/udev/${exec_prefix}/bin/udevadm’ ‘${exect_prefix}/bin/udevadm trigger -s block -p ID_BTRFS_READY=0’ : No such file or directory

    Where exactly do you see this message? On your FOG server or on the host/client when capturing/deploying? I have not seen this message before. At first I thought you’d see this on your FOG server logs but the more I think about it I can imagine this to be on the host/client and it might point us to something being wrong with your partition layout. Just a wild guess here.

  • On a side note, I always have this error message poping up when I capture any image :

    udevd [3760] failed to executre ‘/lib/udev/${exec_prefix}/bin/udevadm’ ‘${exect_prefix}/bin/udevadm trigger -s block -p ID_BTRFS_READY=0’ : No such file or directory

  • @Sebastian-Roth


    The image size is indicated in two different places.
    First when the capture progress is under way, it is indicated that the image size will be 510Go
    Second, in the image list, where the size on client is indicated.

    I updated my fog server to the newest version just in case.

    That specific issue is on the back burner as I’m currently trying to figure out why another image is failing to deploy (something about failing to restore GPT partition tables).

    I don’t have the exact block size in mind, only the detected capacity of 502000 MB.

    Thanks for your answer.

    Best Regards,

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    @Dan_Ansel said in Size Difference after capture:

    I’ve given my virtual machine a disk size of 475 GB, but the image captured is 510 GB.

    Where do you see the captured size to be 510 GB? Is this in the partition layout file or just what it tells you in the web UI? The later figure is not to be seen as disk size.

    Now what I can imagine is that your image is Just a bit too large for the new SSD drives. Do you know what size exactly (sector count) those are?