• I’m sorry for topic, hard to say what kind of problem it really is.
    Long story short:
    I have computers with Win 8.1 - I can capture and deploy image, everything is fine until I want to enable bitlocker. OS crashes at boot (scr1). Using Windows 8 (8 not 8.1) install media, I can get to recovery cmd, and using “bootrec /rebuildbcd” it almost can be repaired - bitlocker screen is in text mode not normal semigraphical bluescreen mode.(scr2)
    Funny thing is after enabling bitlocker and booting from win8.1 install media, computer is shutdown while pressing “recovery”, but I can enter recovery if i boot win8.1 install media before enabling bitlocker.
    In every case (even using win10 install media), while being in recovery, it shows Windows 7!(scr3) After using “bootrec /rebuildbcd” it shows right OS Windows 8.1.(scr4)
    I though that someone used recovery from Win7 and captured image was corruped, but I have:

    1. installed clean Windows 8.1, captured, deployed (on the same computer), bitlocker was working,
    2. deployed old image (let say corruped), bitlocker wasnt working,
    3. deployed NEW image (captured in step 1), and bitlocker still isn’t working.
      It seams not everything is properly captured/deployed.
      All images are set to win8.1, resizable single disk.
      What is going on?
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    @wertor I know it’s been a long time but have not found enough time to work on this earlier. We now have a first version of init.xz capable of capturing and deploying a Windows 10 2004 UEFI/GPT install with recovery partition at the end. Would you give that a try.

    Please be aware this is still in kind of a pre-release phase. Make sure you have a backup of your original image as well as the machine you pull the master from, just in case!!

  • @Sebastian-Roth
    Well, it’s annoying problem, but no rush, I can wait for solution.

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    @wertor said in Windows 8.1 corrupted bcd:

    So what should I do? I’m preparing other machine for newer fog version, but which one? last stable, rc?

    How much in a hurry with this are you?

  • @Sebastian-Roth
    I’m answearing to myself - using win10 OS setting for win8.1 image is not a good idea. It works for the same disks, but OS crashes at boot if disk was smaller.
    So what should I do? I’m preparing other machine for newer fog version, but which one? last stable, rc?

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    @wertor Some of the OS options do a little magic, and if I am right (guessing as I don’t have the code at hand right now) there is some magic specifically for Win 8(.1).

    Anything we can do for you will be in an updated init RAM disk and you might need to update beforhand.

  • @Sebastian-Roth
    yes 1.5.0-RC-10
    just an additional info and a little summary
    almost all computers were downgraded to win7 years ago
    if image is captured and deployed to computer which was installed from win8.1 media - it works.
    if win8.1 image was deployed to computer previously installed win7 or cloned with corrupted image - it wont work, and captured image from that computer become currupted. As I have written previously, if image was caputerd from working computer but with image setting OS=Windows 10, it works after deploying no matter what was on destation hdd. btw. changing OS option in existing (corrupted) images doesnt help.
    by working or not working I mean only that bitlocker thing, nothing else is pointing to any kind of problem.
    What does do that OS option? And is it safe to use win10 setting for win8.1 images?

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    @wertor said in Windows 8.1 corrupted bcd:

    FOG is 1.5.0rc10

    Sure thing? Please double check…

  • FOG is 1.5.0rc10
    ad1. no need to do that
    ad2. bitlocker wasn’t enabled before capturing
    ad3. of course, but most test I have done on a single computer, only changed hdd to fresh never used disks.
    Computers cloned using clonezilla work flawlessly.
    It’s fogs issue. New working image should overwrite anything on hard drive, right? But it doesn’t.
    But problem is partialy solved - I have taken new fresh windows instalation image (or captured from repaired computer) but changed images setting to Windows 10, and after deploying everything works fine on both images.

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    I don’t know how much the FOG Forums are going to help you with this once since it appears to be a windows only issue.

    But I guess we should ask what version of FOG are you using?

    Also some other questions that come to mind

    1. Are you sysprepping this golden image before capture?
    2. Has the golden image ever had bitlocker enabled on it before the image was captured.
    3. Are you capturing and deploying to the same model computer?