Image going to 0mb after starting deploy. Just disappears.

  • Hello,

    I am currently deploying an image on some Acer Travelmates. I uploaded the image, then after deployment, the image isn’t found. When I go to images, I see that the image is now 0mb. It’s like it just disappeared. I’ve tried 3 or 4 times now. Suggestions?

  • I have 1.5.0 right now. Other images work it’s just specifically this one. I have to use the sda command to point to the primary disk

  • Moderator

    @fox134 Have you ever deployed an image successfully before? Just wondering what stage you are in with your FOG server? What version do you have? Was it used before and did deployments work?

    The 0 MB is normal if a deploy fails in some FOG versions. I know it’s not nice but we should have that fixed in the latest development version. Either way it doesn’t mean the image is gone. It’s just got the wrong size value in the database. Run ls -alR /images (this is the default path - might be different in a customized setup) on your FOG server to see all your image files.