SOLVED iPXE Menu item to just restart PC?

  • Is there a way to have a default menu item that if the PC boots into FOG menu after 3 seconds it just restarts the PC, hard restart?

    The Sysinfo option boots into a menu where option 1 is restart. Is there a way to make that default with a timeout or automatically select that option?

    Thank you! (Total noob at this stuff)

  • That did it jest as described. Thank you so much!!!

  • Moderator

    Well it looks like its possible.

    Lets first start by creating a new iPXE menu.

    FOG Configuration->New iPXE Menu (something like that posting from old memory)

    Menu Item: os.Reboot
    Description: Wait and Reboot
    reboot || goto MENU
    Menu Show with: All Hosts

    Then go and save that menu entry.

    PXE boot the target computer into the iPXE menu and pick the Wait and Reboot menu. Does it do what you want (not the wait part, but the reboot). If it does then go back into the iPXE menu editor and make that entry the default menu item.

    Understand I have not personally tested this so it may work, and it may not. If the system reboots then when its selected as default you will get the wait and then the default action will be to reboot the target computer.