fog capture stuck at starting cmain

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    @Hartman4820 said in fog capture stuck at starting cmain:

    starting cmain

    This message is only being displayed by GRUB chainloader as far as I know. What this means is that the host your are PXE booting is using GRUB to chainload the OS from your hard drive and therefore I am sure there is no task even scheduled for this host!

    You are saying “I check the Tasks and it just stops the task.”. Can you please let us know how exactly you scheduled the task and if you get to see it in the tasks list at the very beginning?

    Just started a new fog server.

    Which version of FOG do you use?

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    Ok I’m a bit at a loss where its getting stuck.

    You can pxe boot it into the iPXE menu, pick full inventory and it work or not?

    I clear screen shot of the actual error would help to identify the context of the error.