How do I Upgrade my Fog Server?

  • Hello,
    I have taken over responsibility for our Fog Server.
    It is Presently v1.3.5 and I would like to Upgrade it to 1.5.7 to enable Latest Laptops to Image.

    I have spent some time searching the forum but have not found the instructions.
    How can I upgrade the Server?


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    @AdamsLor said in How do I Upgrade my Fog Server?:

    I have the same problem does not go away, no matter what I do

    Unless your conditions are exactly like the OPs (upgrading from 1.3.5 to 1.5.7 on ubuntu 16.04, you should open a new thread. Also include screen shots of any errors you see. That will help us set the context around the error message.

  • I have the same problem does not go away, no matter what I do

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    Lets start out by doing a little investigation.

    If the git method was used then look in /root directory file a directory called fogproject if its there change into that directory cd /root/fogproject.

    Now we are NOT going to upgrade the FOG server just yet. So issue this command sudo git pull if you get a success you just updated the fog installation program to the latest version.

    For now lets stop there to see what you have and if you can update the installer files.

    If that /root/fogproject directory doesn’t exist or you get an error when the git command is executed. then the tar method was probably used.

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    @SDToone Well 16.04 is on the end of EOS form ubuntu. FOG should upgrade on this old of an OS, but as Sebastian said its best to have a solid backup of the VM/system before you attempt to upgrade.

  • @george1421 Sorry I did not Install Fog so sadly cannot answer.
    I am advised the OS is Ubuntu 16.04

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    @SDToone How did you install FOG initially? Did you use the tar method or the git method? I can say the git method is the easiest to upgrade.

    I can say 1.3.5 to 1.5.8 is a huge jump. It may be (depending on the number of clients you have) to just spin up a new server. More info is needed to decide the best path. What OS is your fog server running on?

  • Hi Sebastian,
    Thank you very much for the reply.
    Sorry I meant 1.5.8.

    I have not got any backups yet.
    I have used WInSCP previously to do this, is that recommended?

    Apologies, I have no experience other than with the Web Interface…


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    @SDToone Why do you want to update to version 1.5.7 - not the latest?

    Sure we can give you instructions but at first we better talk about where you wanna go.

    Do you have a full backup of the server (at least database dump and contents of /images directory)??