Creative Boot Menu Picture/Menu Situation

  • Hello everyone,

    Trying to get something a little flashy to go on. Reflects something we had on an old network way back. Just want to see if this is possible (or how much hackery is required) to achieve this.

    What I’d like is, when a PC pxe boots, the background image is displayed for 5 seconds, but there is no text; the menu is hidden completely, but pressing a chosen key (eg F9) then brings up a login prompt for FOG, and therein are the menu options to capture/deploy etc.

    The primary thing I’d like though is a blank logo picture for a couple of seconds, then windows proceeds to boot. And I’d work my actual “getting in to FOG itself and menus on a client” around that situation.

    Anyone follow me on that? I’ve had an experiment but I can’t seem to get this one right beyond drawing my own logo in paint and that part working at least…

    Thanks in advance for any and all hints or musing!

  • Moderator

    I don’t have an answer for you directly, but I can tell you how FOG work and how to reverse engineer a few things.

    When a computer pxe boots it downloads the iPXE boot loader that has been customized by the FOG Developers. This will be ipxe.efi or undionly.kpxe (typically). Inside that boot loader the FOG Developers placed an initial iPXE script. That script calls a script on the FOG server called default.ipxe. That script then chains into FOG via the boot.php code. If you were to write your own code for the default.ipxe file (its just a text file) that displayed some background image and that had a count down timer. If no key is pressed then it would just boot from the hard drive. If a key was pressed then you could chain to the default FOG iPXE menu by calling the boot.php file directly.

    So you will want to review the file /tftpboot/default.ipxe just know when you update fog it will overwrite this file so keep a backup if you alter it.

    The next bit of hackery is seeing the text behind the FOG iPXE menu (I would use this as the framework for your own custom default.ipxe file). If you go to a web browser and key in http://<fog_server_ip>/fog/service/ipxe/boot.php?mac=00:00:00:00:00:00 that will display the text behind the FOG iPXE menu. In there its really a program that runs based on the iPXE programming language. You will see how menu entries work as well as the default menu selection as well as how the backgound image is called (hint you don’t have to use the fog background image for your custom boot menu).