Creating new custom service in C#

  • Hi All,

    I followed the wiki at [url][/url] but I used Visual Express 2010. I did need to add a reference to get rid of a not found error on the line

    I could compile to a dll without other errors and I have put the resulting .dll in my \program files\FOG folder. But I didn’t get any lines from my new .dll in my \fog.log file after restarting the FOG service. I tried the debug version and the release version and also changed the Net version to 3.5 (from NET 4.0 client). No changes.

    Never used C# much, I’m more a Python adept, so I might be missing something obvious…

    Any pointers of tips how to debug this situation? I just used the boilerplate and only changed the modulename, see attachment.

    Nico (new FOG user)


  • Never mind, it’s working now. Restarting the Fog service isn’t enough. After rebooting the service is active. Note that the source of all services is included, with Visual 2008 project files, in the tarball at fog_0.32\FOG Service\src

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