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    We are looking at building a FOG server for imaging devices. With current COVID situation, we are all working remote from home. Will a FOG Solution be possible working from home? Or would we each need a physical server in our home in order to image/upload/deploy/etc. Thank you!

  • @george1421 Yeah, I think having a FOG server at the 3 locations is probably the logical option. Which weirdly enough building those out and ongoing support would still be significantly cheaper than the ongoing subscription we have with SmartDeploy.

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    @noeld said in FOG In Remote Environment:

    Probably about 5 computers at a time at home

    But at what scale, if its 5 computers a week then I would stick with the usb approach you have worked out. If its 5 at a time x 6 times per day then I would say to look into a fog server. If you don’t have a (on demand) site to site VPN, then if you want to fog image at home you will need a full fog server at each location. Understand this can be almost any has the storage, from a Raspberry Pi3 to a modern desktop/laptop computer. The FOG server doesn’t really work very hard during imaging. The target computer does all of the heavy lifting.

  • @george1421 Probably about 5 computers at a time at home. On our work laptops we use Cisco Any-connect to VPN into the file servers at the office. It would be 3 remote locations we would need to do imaging with. We are currently using a static offline image from SmartDeploy via a USB Drive.

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    How many systems do you plan on imaging at home (total and per week)?

    Do you have a site to site VPN setup for all of your fog admins?

    The first thought would be setting up a mobile fog server at each location running on a Pi3 or old dual core laptop. PXE really isn’t intended to work across a WAN connection because its an insecure protocol.