WEB UI Host list not displaying properly

  • I installed the lasted version of Fog on Centos 8 and under Host Management and List all Hosts the list is rendering incorrectly. Some of the column headers are missing. I have included a screenshot showing what I am seeing. All help appreciated.


  • I don’t know if this means anything but if I hover of the first column it shows this.

  • I also tried installing on Centos 7 from a fresh intstall with the same version listed in my other replay. I tried Firefox on the Centos 7 box itself and from a separate computer with the same results (the header row not displaying properly).

  • This was a fresh install of Centos 8 with FOG Project, v1.5.8 from the website. I tried with both Firefox and Chrome with the same results. Both browser are stock with no added extensions.

  • Moderator

    @vidiot1000 Have disabled Addons like NoScript, uBlock and so on for this particular website (the FOG web UI)?

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    I haven’t seen this issue before, but one bit of detail you left out is what version of FOG did you install? Also does it present itself this way using different browsers? The developers will need to know this to debug.