• I am trying to pxe boot a Dell Latitude 5510. It shows that the media is found, and then it goes to black screen and then comes up and says no bootable devices found. We have updated fog to the latest version and the kernel to the latest version, but it still will not boot into fog. I have other machines that will boot into fog just fine, however this 5510 will not. Any ideas?

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    @Don-Winters said in Dell Latitude 5510 PXE Boot:

    Everything should be set to the standard setting in Fog

    I think we are not talking about the same thing here. Let me just restate a few things.

    PXE booting relies on certain settings in DHCP. If those settings are configured your target computers can find the fog server. If your dhcp server is managed by an outside entity then they may have made the settings for you. If the dhcp server is based on windows 2008 then, 2008 is not capable of dynamic pxe booting in that the boot file (dhcp option 67) is either undionly.kpxe for bios computers or uefi.pxe for uefi computers. If what you are telling me is the case, you can only boot one type of computer (bios or uefi) in your environment. This is totally OK and a workable solution. There ARE a few things we could do differently to make your life a bit easier but we need to focus on your specific issue.

    Its good that the fog server and the pxe booting computer is on the same subnet, that will help debugging what is going wrong a bit easier. I have a tutorial that will capture a pcap (packet capture) of the pxe booting process with this computer. We will use the FOG server to capture this information. Here is the tutorial: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/9673/when-dhcp-pxe-booting-process-goes-bad-and-you-have-no-clue

    Grab the pcap of the pxe booting process and then upload the pcap to a file share (google drive, dropbox, etc) site and IM me the link. The filters in the tutorial will only allow the capture the minimum information needed to diagnose the issue. It will not capture all data on your network (considering you are state department regulated). If its not possible to upload this file then if you have wireshark available I can tell you what to look for, it would be much faster if I did it, but we can work either way.

  • @george1421 Everything should be set to the standard setting in Fog. I dont think we have changed anything. If you can tell me where to look for those I can take a screen shot and show you

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    @Don-Winters said in Dell Latitude 5510 PXE Boot:

    Our dhcp server is configured by our state department

    This is ok. So the question is how are you configuring the pxe boot options on your network?

  • @george1421 Our dhcp server is configured by our state department and we have to put in requests in order to make changes to it. I believe it is running Server 2008.

    The fog server and pxe machine are both on the same subnet, in the same room right next to each other.

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    @Don-Winters What is your dhcp server for this network, mfg and model?

    The screen shots almost appear that you are not transferring the right bootloader name to the target computer.

    Is your fog server and pxe booting computer on the same subnet? If so we can debug this issue a bit more in detail.

  • The 5510 is in uefi mode, and we have successfully booted other machines in this mode.

    I’m not sure on the dhcp option. This is what we got when we upgraded fog this week.20200713_124142.jpg

    When we try to boot we get this

    Then it flashes this really quick

    Then the machine goes to this screen.IMG_8708.JPG

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    So you are getting hung up before the FOG iPXE boot menu. So the only thing we should focus on is pxe booting and the iPXE boot loader. FOG and/or the kernel is not in play at the moment.

    1. Is this 5510 in bios or uefi mode? Have you booted others in the same mode?
    2. What do you have configured for dhcp option 67 {boot-file}?
    3. What device is your dhcp server (mfg and model)?