• Hi all i am trying to get the above laptop to boot to upload an image. unfortunately it does attempt to boot but then fails
    it says start pxe IP4 than flashes something up then goes to start pxe IP6 and then stops, eventually booting the system into windows, any ideas?

  • I actually brought my laptop in from home, this I know is a uefi BIOS, on testing it, it booted into Fog with no issues ( it has been imaged in the past with FOG. So i then knew that UEFI boot was working. I have to hold my hands up on checking the HP 250 G7 it had not had secure boot switched off in the BIOS, this is a silly error and for this I blame my technician lol, (well i should have checked myself) on checking this morning i saw it was still on, I was lead down the FOG path after the kernel update failed. however i now have a different issue which i shall post.

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    There is not quite enough info in your OP.

    1. Is the computer a bios or uefi based?
    2. Is your dhcp server configured for static or dynamic boot file names?
    3. What is your dhcp server? (mfg and model)
    4. Is it only this specific computer that has booting issues or do you have others that have similar failures?
    5. It would be really handy to know what it flashed on the screen after it gave up with ipv4. Possibly video it with a mobile phone in slow video mode?
    6. Is the firmware (bios) up to date on that target computer?