DNS and AD integration with dual boot

  • Hi,

    I am deploying dual boot (linux, windows) hosts.

    When I first boot to Windows, the AD integration is well done but when booting on linux, the host doesn’t takes it’s real name. When I first boot to Linux, the host takes it’s real name but when booting to Windows the AD integration is not done.

    I would like linux to takes it’s name and Windows makes it’s AD integration.

    Can anyone help ?


  • Moderator

    @eseo-fcolas Unfortunately this is a known issue but needs major work which we don’t have time for at the moment: https://github.com/FOGProject/fog-client/issues/116

    If you are keen to get this to work you are more than welcome to join in and work on this part of FOG/fog-client.

    The other thing I might suggest is that most Linux systems can be configured to pull hostname settings via DHCP. You might want to look into this. Or you can use FOG post-deploy scripting to modify hostname config files on the destination system before doing the first reboot.