IPXE.efi iso boot Acronis 2019 Live Help to Get started.

  • Hello All - Looked at a few posts on how to boot ISO and got my Acronis to Boot great ISO using legacy PXE Boot.
    I have a large number of Systems now that are only UEFI PXE by default. It would be very convienient to be able to load Acronis via FOG instead of USB/CD as I have many systems to take images and save/copy etc, where the FOG based Imaging is not practical in some situations.
    Here is My Working Legacy /BIOS Boot:
    initrd http://${fog-ip}/iso/acronis/AcronisBootableMedia.iso
    chain memdisk iso raw || goto MENU
    Any ideas how I can get setup to UEFI Boot My acronis 2019?
    I assume I need to copy the files from the ISO to a folder and specify some kernel params but am obviously ignorant.

    Thanks in advance. If I get this working, I am happy to make a step by step with images.

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    @dangbird well that directory is giving us a good mixture of DOS, Windows and Linux bits. Let look into the efi/boot directory and the sub directories to see what we can find.

  • @george1421 So there is no GRUB or wim files, but based upon some looking there are some kernel.dat, kernel64.dat, and some efi files.
    From their knowledge base, it is based upon a linux kernel. Thanks for your help!

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    Well the first thing you need to find out is your boot iso linux based or WinPE based? Knowing such will help you down the right path.

    Search the iso image for a .wim file as well as grub. that might get you started. Even if you find out what type of boot kernel you have that doesn’t make it network bootable. Some kernels expect when booting from a cdrom the necessary files exist on the /dev/cdrom and not someplace on the network, just as warning.

    FWIW, as you found memdisk only works in bios mode and not uefi mode.